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Design for wellbeing

Design Dearly is a creative journal that explores environmental management,

environmental health, environmental psychology and sustainability principles

as they apply to the design of environments that support wellbeing .


Design philosophy

We believe that well designed spaces, should reflect the inner essence of their occupants, tell their stories and increase their wellbeing. Functioning as a backdrop to daily life thoughtfully designed interior environments can positively influence their occupants, in a way that promotes a healthier and happier life.

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New to design dearly? Here are some introductory articles to get you started:


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I’m Yari,

it’s so nice to meet you!


I’m interested in researching, learning and sharing about how to apply evidence-based design to promote healthy and sustainable indoor and outdoor environments. I hope to educate and motivate others to use sustainable environmental management techniques when designing built environments; from public spaces to individual homes.


a few things about me: