Environmental Health


Before the Jon Snow that us, GOT fans, love and adore there was another John Snow. A hero on his own right, this John Snow debunked the Miasma theory and is now regarded as a pioneer in the field of environmental health.

Collage by Design Dearly. John Snow image from  Wikipedia . Map image from  CDC .

Collage by Design Dearly. John Snow image from Wikipedia. Map image from CDC.

While investigating a cholera outbreak in London around the mid 1800’s, John Snow, studied the environmental conditions surrounding the cholera victims and was able to pinpoint a water pump as the source of the infection, thus demonstrating that cholera was a water-borne disease.

 Likewise, today Environmental Health professionals identify and evaluate environmental conditions that may pose a hazard to human health. They work to establish standards that limit the exposure to physical, chemical, and biological hazards that can be found in the air, water, soil, food, in natural and built environments. Environmental health aims to prevent human injury and illness and promote well-being.

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I’m particularly interested in Environmental Health in the built environment and how interior designers, architects and homemakers can integrate environmental health principles and findings to promote a health and safe environment. Join me in my journey as I explore how we can create healthy interiors to support a healthy life.