Entertaining at Home: La la land inspired Valentine's Day Brunch

this week I finally had the opportunity to watch lalaland.  I know there have been some criticism about the movie but I really loved it. I was afraid I wouldn't as in the past I hadn't liked highly buzzed golden globe and oscar nominee movies such as the case of silver lining playbook.  Yesterday, I was talking to my friend and I mentioned how much I liked the movie, she didn't feel the same way and explained why. This made me reflect on why did I liked it.

I liked the underlying themes of it, for instance how sometimes you face a situation where you have to choose between love or your dream, and how this may affect your future  or how artistic people are seemed as the "fools who dream", I loved how the end was not predictable and how Seb's inspired Mia to dream and go ahead to follow her dreams.  Basically I identify with the movie because I have faced similar situations. I'm just starting my entrepreneur journey and sometimes I feel lost like Mia, second guessing and thinking maybe I'm not good enough, feeling like yeah theres so many other "redheads" trying to make it why would I stand out... In a sense the movie was a tribute to all those dreamers, artistic souls that work hard and take the leap to follow their passion. 

talking about passion, what about Seb's passion! He had a vision, aside his snobby attitude I loved his passionate dedication to what he loved. I used to envy and admire those kind of people. I remember the time in my life when I hadn't find/realized my passion. I would be so jealous of those friends of mine that were always talking about their interests so passionately, wether it was micro-brewing, barbies, cars or guns, they had a clear path to follow.

I'm so grateful I found my passion [now, I probably sound as nerdy as those friends I was jealous of before]. I'm also forever grateful that I did end up with my Sebastian, my husband has really truly been that Sebastian figure that has encouraged me to dream and follow my passion.

the music in the movie was also pretty cool, the opening number was so much fun, also that final montage! I cried like a baby! I loved the  "slidding doors" flair to it. 

was lalaland the best movie ever? probably not...I'm not a movie critic or anything but I thought it was a fresh take on a contemporary romantic comedy. 

so inspired in the movie and what it represents to me I put together this mood board for a fun valentine's day brunch. 

I imagine a fun Sunday morning of cooking with my hubby and/or entertaining friends, wearing this cute Mia-like yellow apron. Since the hubby doesn't really like to dress up, he can use this fun pot holder glove.  A selection of serving ware and food that nods to music and the city of stars would be perfect for this affair. Some inspiration pictured above: the moon and stars plate and sandwiches, susty star cups, vinyl record cake stand and plate, music notes plate and serving tray, navy stars teapot and pitcher, yellow and black mug and teacup, anthropologie yellow dot plate, playful yellow napkins and a shinning stars banner to complete the look. 

so cheers to the fools who dream!  Hope you all have a great valentine's weekend and upcoming week! 

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