Design Philosophy

design philosophy

one of the projects that made me reflect on and write my journey was the development of my design philosophy. One of the goals of the interior design program at SCAD is to develop your personal design philosophy. What is a design philosophy, you may ask. Well, a design philosophy is the set of beliefs about design and/or the personal mission or goals a designer may have while practicing design. A design philosophy is based on the designers personal believes and experiences. Every designer's philosophy should be and is expected to be different from another. When we shared our philosophies in class, each and everyone of us had a different perspective and words. It was very interesting to hear others emotions towards design and how they interpret it. In my opinion this is what makes design so interesting, every person can apply it and benefit from it in a different way. It is definitely a personal journey.   I think that my personal philosophy reflects my journey very well. 

I believe... 

-that well designed spaces, should reflect the inner essence of their occupants, tell their stories and increase their wellbeing.
-in creating spaces that not only look good but also represents a segment of the occupants past and interests while also functioning as a backdrop to create new memories.
-that meaningful, thoughtful and considerately designed spaces can positively influence their occupants, in a way that promotes a healthier and happier life.



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