My Top 5 Essential Home Organization Accessories

Image Source:  Target

Image Source: Target

When it comes to detail organizing my home there are 5 main items I resort to help me keep organized and keep them goals.  

1. Storage cubes / boxes- perfect for the entryway to store and hide away shoes

2. Paper trays- to hold mail and other current paperwork that I cant get to right away, I usually have a to do, to file and a to shred tray.  

3. Stylish storage containers- to keep smaller items organized and double task as decor

4. Large Baskets- to place blankets or extra pillows in the living room and bedroom and/or towels in bathroom

5. Drawer organizers- to keep things tidy in that "junk" drawer

you can find all of these home organization items at target by clicking on the images above.  

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