Getting Organized in the New Year

Hope your new year is off to a great start!  I usually like to begin my new year by getting my house organize.  This year it has taken me a little longer because 1. we were away from home for a while, 2. I got lots of new materials for developing the shop 3. I have been in slow motion (because a pinched nerve resulting after spraining my ankle in Las Vegas, and refusing to stop walking around and missing out, it was worth it) I have generally organize most of our house but still have so much more in detail organizing to do, and a super organization is needed on our garage, we are in urgent need of hosting a garage sale. The other day I was looking for some ingredients in my pantry and because it wasn't organize correctly (read it was a total mess) it took me forever to find what i needed and in the process found something I didn't need. I found some old candies that I immediately gobbled like a fat child! This incident got me thinking (after i recovered from the guilt trip over my lack of self control) that I need to get better organized pronto if I want to stick to  my new year resolutions of eating healthy and loosing weight and starting a business, and working out and you know... conquering the world.... 

I'm still in this process of getting organize but thought that I would also share with you my organization plans to keep myself in check with my new year resolutions and hopefully inspire you as well. 

Image Source:  HGTV

Image Source: HGTV

1. Organize pantry and kitchen

My main goal this year is to eat healthier, which seems to be my resolution every year. Differently from previous years, I plan to cook more and eat healthy most of the time without depriving myself of the occasional sweet. Starting with an organize kitchen and pantry should motivate me to cook more often as it would also help minimize time spent looking for items and create a system for cooking. 

-organize pantry to be able to see and locate ingredients easily- use labels and containers to easily find them later, don't be like me and think you will remember where you put that tiny bottle of garlic powder that later got covered by taller spices that you use more frequently and then when your husband asks for garlic powder you swear you have none, then you buy some on your next grocery trip and your husband buys some on his next grocery trip then when you do actually organize the pantry you find that now you have 3 bottles of garlic powder... learn from my mistake, i tell ya... 

-keep healthy snacks at eye level and hide the not so healthy- place fruit and healthy snacks in places you can see to keep them accessible, likewise place "junk snacks" on top shelves of hidden in drawers or jars, out of sight out of mind, right?

-declutter counter top and store appliances in order of "frequently use"- Keeping frequently used items accessible will be more convenient and minimize prep time. Since we have a small kitchen I have move some of the less used appliances to our utility/storage room and grab as needed. It helps keep things neat and clears counter space. 

-clean as you go- cleaning as you go will help you stay organize and help minimize prep time for other meals. 

-meal prep calendar- I'm staring to use a meal prep calendar to help me not forget to use my fresh produce before they go bad and preset what I need. this will help with money saving goals as well. 

Image Source:  BFFF

Image Source: BFFF

2. Organize office/mail/paperwork-  I have found that the best system that works for me in this current house is to have a mail/to file tray downstairs by the entryway where I keep paperwork that I don't have time to file right away... then I try to bring it upstairs to the office where I try to file right away... I try to do this once a week to prevent paperwork to pile up... Organizing office files, mail and important paperwork has saved us time and headaches in the past as everything is accessible when we need it. Having an organized workspace is one of the best ways to stay productive and inspired. Perfect for those world conquering goals...

Image Source:  TCS

Image Source: TCS

3. Organize closet- trying to find the perfect outfit can be a time consuming task (at least it is for me).  This week I organized my closet by keeping only the pieces that fit me, are in season and I use more frequently.  I put all "summer" clothes in a storage box and donated the clothes that didn't fit or use often. I also organized all my athletic clothes so have no excuses when getting ready for my workouts. productivity and workout goals check and check! 

These are the three main areas Im focusing on, but there are many more ways to customize storage and organization to support new year resolutions, it all depends on your goals and space. An organize house could actually help us with our resolutions! how cool is that!? Do you plan to try any of these organization resolution booster? 


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